This started with a quick sketch of a boat tail roadster.

I made the engine from scratch using plastic tubing.

The bell housing is made from clay.

Then finished with some left over engine parts.

The fenders are from a 39 Chevy kit.

The rear fenders weren't completely filled, so I cut out a piece and repositioned it.

Here are my assembled peices: The Chevy hood, the Chevy interior bucket and a 40 Ford hood for the boat tail.

The front fenders also needed some filling in.

First I painted the fenders, then printed out some wood grain material and glued it to the car.
The lighter colored wood trim are plastic strips.

I had to fill in the sides with sheet plastic and make a firewall cowling.

I wanted to use the 39 Chevy grille, so I had to modify the hood a bit to fit it.

The headlight buckets are made from a cut up sharpie.

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